12 Best Tips Before Buying Beats Online

Updated Jun. 24, 2022

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Today we’re going to give you the 12 most important and the best tips before buying beats online that you need to know.

These tips will help you make the right decisions before purchasing instrumental beats from music producers online.

So whether you’re new to buying beats online or you already have experience, we hope you get a lot of value from the tips in this post.

Here are the 12 best tips to follow before you purchase beats online:

  1. Always Read The License PDF!
  2. Don’t Buy Low Quality Files
  3. Check if The Beat Contains Samples
  4. Check for Bulk Discounts
  5. Check if The Beat You Want Is Even Available
  6. Make Sure You Get the Files Instantly
  7. Look for Trust Signals
  8. Make Sure You Get a Clean Beat
  9. Beware of Anyone Who Sells Exclusive for Too Cheap
  10. Understand The Profits Split
  11. Do Not Pay Too Much
  12. If Possible, Pay Only With PayPal

1. Always Read the License PDF!

You probably don’t want to spend your money on a beat just to find out later that your license is only valid for one year, or that you purchased very limited rights to use the beat.

So it is important that you READ the PDF license and find out the following:

  • How many views are you allowed to make on YouTube?
  • How many streams / plays and sales are you allowed with the license?
  • Can you get paid from your performances?
  • How many radio stations can play your song?
  • How long will the license be valid?

Each producer license is different so it is important that you know exactly what and how much you are allowed.

*Here at IsraelBeats each license is unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about any limitations on views, streams or sales.

Also, most beat licenses are valid for 4-10 years. Which means that after this period you won’t be able to perform with your song and get paid, you won’t be able to monetize your song on any streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify unless you renew your license (and basically buy it again). So it is important that you know this before you decide to buy.

*Here at IsraelBeats all our licenses are valid for life, which means that you won’t have to renew your license ever.

2. Don't Buy Low Quality Files

If you care about quality don’t buy only the mp3! If you consider yourself a serious artist, or at least want to do it in a more professional way, don’t buy low quality files. Ultimately you are responsible for the final product and only you will be judged by it. 

If you can, always go for the license that comes with the wav file and track out stems of the beat. These files are essential for mixing your song professionally.

3. Check if The Beat Contains Samples

Before you purchase your beat it is important that you check the beat doesn’t contains any samples from other songs. Every producer contract usually states that you (the artist) need to handle it and clear / get permission to use the samples on the beat.

For example: On Pharrell’s song ‘Happy’ they used a sample from an old Marvin Gaye song. After the huge success of the song his family sued and won $ 7.3 million! There are many other examples like this so it is important that you know this before you make the purchase.

4. Check for Bulk Discounts

Too many times artists would come to our website and make a purchase of one beat when they could add another one and get it completely for free! 

After noticing it happens a lot because artists don’t check for bulk discounts, we decided to put the headline ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free‘ at the top of our site in a noticeable way so they don’t miss any active sale.

Almost every producer online have some sale going on. For example ‘Buy 1 Get 1 free’ or ‘Buy 2 get 5 Free!’ and so on. In case you don’t see any bulk discount on the producer website, it won’t hurt to just ask.. and we’re sure you’ll get a nice deal and save some money on the way.

5. Check if The Beat You Want Is Even Available on The Website

Before you get exited about the perfect beat you found on YouTube, always check if the beat is still available for sale / lease on the producer website. 

Producers don’t always bother to update on YouTube that they already have sold the beat exclusively to another artist and it’s no longer exists on their beat store. So before you start writing your song to the beat always do a quick check that the beat is still available for purchase.

6. Make Sure You Get the Files Instantly

Does the producer have his own website? Will you be able to make a purchase and receive the files immediately? Or will you have to pay the producer and wait for him to send you the files by email? Does the producer have a PDF license to send you with the files?

Not all producers have their own website. Maybe they are just starting out and currently don’t have the money to afford a subscription to a beat selling platforms, or set up a professional website. So it is important that you ask these questions when you have found a beat that you are interested in.

7. Look for Trust Signals

Check if the website has SSL protocol. SSL is the most popular and important security protocol on the Internet. This can be identified by the lock 🔒 and by the https prefix in the URL.

More signals to consider checking:

  • Search the site or the producer name on Google
  • Is there any activity on social media? 
  • Are there any negative or positive comments?
  • Send the website an email to see if there any response

Thanks to the internet nowadays you can spot very quickly when something is not right. So it is important that you do your research and choose wisely at your discretion.

8. Make Sure You Get a Clean Beat without The Voice Tag

Usually a beat should be completely clean when you purchase it, but there are producers who like to leave their voice tag at the beginning of the beat as a way to promote their name. Maybe you did not like the tag? Maybe you just don’t want it there?

If it’s a big name producer his voice tag might help you of course, but if it’s an unfamiliar producer with a voice tag that you didn’t like you should make sure you get the beat clean.

9. Beware of Anyone Who Sells Exclusive Rights for Too Cheap

Those who sell exclusive rights for $50 – $70 are probably people who do not value their work. And if someone doesn’t value his own work how can he be trusted? Maybe they sold exclusive rights to the same beat to more than one artist?

We are not judging, and we’re not talking about everyone of course. Some of them may have been pushed into this situation because of financial circumstances, but it is always important that you check with whom you do business with, and keep in mind that everything has a cost.

10. Understand the Profits Split

When you buy a beat you are actually buying a composition that becomes part of the ‘master composition’ which is the final song. 

The writer is not just the one who wrote the lyrics but also the one who wrote the melodies, the notes of the song, and that’s the producer’s part. It is very common for the producer to be considered an equal writer of the song. Usually such a split would be 50/50 on the writers and publishing share. 

Every producer works differently so it is important to find out and check the PDF license itself.

11. Don’t Pay Too Much

Standard prices for a non-exclusive license can range from $19 to $35. Non exclusive licenses with high quality files can range up to $250. 

An exclusive license can cost several hundreds and even up to several thousands. Obviously it depends on the producer reputation, the demand for the beat and so on.

12. If Possible, Pay Only With PayPal

PayPal has a very secure system and a ‘buyer protection’ policy that can provide you with a full refund if the seller / producer did not provide you the files after the payment as promised.


Leasing and buying beats online can be a very confusing thing that even the producers themselves having hard time to understand them, so it’s not surprising that artists sometimes get lost. It is important that you do your homework and understand exactly what you are buying.

After years of selling beats online we came across almost every possible question. Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you the next time you are looking to buy beats online. 🙂

Did We Miss Anything?

Now we’d like to hear from you:

Which tip from this post helped you most?

Or maybe we didn’t mention one of your favorite tips.

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

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