Buying Beats Online

Frequently Asked Questions​

We accept PayPal and Credit card payments only.

Yes. Once the beat is purchased, you will receive the beats files without the “Purchase your tracks today” voice tag.

Usually a beginner artists with small budget go for the cheapest licenses, ones that come with fewer rights and low quality files. However, keep in mind the importance of a high quality beat file.

If you are looking to create quality music or at least want to make music the right way, it is recommended that you purchase a license that comes with the sperate track outs stems files of the beat.

And once you have built a name and audience for yourself, you have started making money from your music, and you have reached the limit that the license you have purchased allows you, it is definitely recommended to purchase an exclusive license.

Yes. After you made the payment you will be redirected to a secure download area where you can instantly download the files.

No. All purchases made from us are non-exclusive. This means that we still owns the rights and we will still be able to license it to other artists, unless you buy exclusive rights.

No. Once someone has purchased Exclusive Rights, the beat is removed from our website and no longer be available for purchase.

Yes! You can request a license upgrade. We will send you an invoice for the difference between the prices of the licenses.

Note; If a beat is sold exclusively, you will no longer be able to upgrade your license.

“Trackouts” or “Stems” are the separate audio files that make up a particular instrumental. For instance, the kick, snare, synth, piano, and so on are all separate audio files that comprise the beat / instrumental. These are useful for high-end mixing projects where the engineer may need to customize the mix of the beat around your vocals.

We highly recommend the Track Out Lease Or the Unlimited Lease for the best mixing results.

At the top of the Beat Store, there’s a search function.

1. Click on “Search Track Types”

2. Type in the name of the beat and press ENTER.

If the beat still doesn’t show up, it might be sold exclusively. In that case it’s no longer available, but you can always reach out to us at to check.

Yes! You may use the tagged version as long as you give credit as follows: “Beat By”

Note: Any unauthorized use of our beats for commercial or any profit use including the free tagged beats is considered a direct violation of the Copyright law. reserves the right to take legal action & also pursue financial compensation as a result of any violation of the Licensing Policy.

Non-exclusive licenses (also known as beat leases or leasing rights) have limitations in number of plays, streams, views & earnings. Usually a non-exclusive license also has an expiration date. Meaning that it’s only going to be valid for a set period of time. This could be anywhere between 1-10 years. After the contract period is over, the buyer has to renew the license. In other words, buy a new one.

Here at israelBeats we have no expiration date so your license will be valid forever, or until you reach your license limitation.

Non-exclusive can be sold to multiple artists at the same time. retains full ownership of the beats when these licenses are purchased.

Exclusive rights allows you unlimited use of the song you make with it on any platform without any limitations on plays, streams, views & earnings. After an exclusive rights license has been sold, that beat will no longer be available for any type of licensing in the future. If you buy exclusive rights to a beat, you become the owner of the beat.

We use samples in some of our beats. Most of them are royalty free samples. This means that you don’t need to clear them before using them on your album, mixtape or song. If you want to know if a beat contains samples feel free to contact us anytime at: before you buy it.

When another artist purchases exclusive rights to a non-exclusive beat you purchased, it will not affect you immediately, but it does mean that you will not be able to upgrade to another license after you reach the limits of that license you purchased.